Work In Progress

With every new update that comes out, we are becoming more and more stable! We have had a few setbacks, however. Names shall not be mentioned, but we are still working on updates, upgrades, and even some more details are in the works too! So, here’s a small post to tell you what’s coming new:

We have upgraded our security and licensing. Anyone caught using BMTv4 in a commercial environment will have their key revoked, and banned. This is in accordance with our EULA which you agree too when installing our software.

We are constantly working on the bugs and getting the software as stable as possible for communities from all different Nova titles. Please be patient! We currently only have one member who is actively engaged in getting everything working.

Certain aspects will be locked to premium or commercial licenses. This will help ensure that Babstats will remain online and helps us buy coffees for everyone involved. This software has been developed with a lot of sleepless nights, and more will surely follow.

We hope you understand our position in all this. And we look forward to getting you out there!

Be sure to check out some of our links as they will help you stay informed! – Bug List Tracker – Babstats Lobby and v4 Key Manager

Best regards,