WebRoot Anti-Virus & BHD

Greetings! It was reported to Babstats Staff that WebRoot Anti-Virus is interfering with the Delta Force: Black Hawk Down series. It was reported and verified by our staff. A member of the BHD community was complaining about issues regarding infinite reloads, and random deaths (even when you were alone in the server). This is NOT caused by BMTv4. I repeat. This is NOT caused by BMTv4 software. Upon investigation with help provided by Orbits3d of USA Snipers, we had determined that WebRoot Anti-Virus was the cause (still unsure how). But, we have determined WebRoot Anti-Virus was causing random deaths, and infinite reloads and could not respawn after the timer had expired. At this time, it is the recommendation of Babstats Staff to avoid using WebRoot Anti-Virus. If WebRoot Anti-Virus is your current anti-virus, we’d recommend switching to avast! Anti-Virus (Located here: https://www.avast.com). It is 100% free to use, and we are not affiliated, or sponsored in anyway, shape, or form.

Thanks again,